3D Drone Academy is the first licensed Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training (UAS) in Greece, which provides theoretical and practical lessons from specialized trainers to all professional UAS operators.


The main purpose of the school is to provide knowledge and experience, for flights with safety, legitimacy and professionalism. 3D Drone Academy provides students with the full range of career development skills in the ever-evolving Drone field.


In our school you will know the institutional framework that is in place and what it takes to become a recognized unmanned aircraft operator in Greece. At  3D Drone Academy you can be trained in different uses and types of UAS, mainly for business purposes. A theoretical and practical examination follows from the HCAA. and then you are awarded a  degree in a similar class.


Among other things, 3D Drone Academy has SMART and professional software, widening the potential of any professional interested in mapping, aerial photography / security, research, aerial spraying and many other areas.


3D Drone Academy is one of the sectors of activity of the Greek private company 3D General Aviation Applications SA, which has been operating since 1976 in Thessaloniki. 3D, provides services and applications tailored to the needs of its customers, covering all the major modern activities of the object in Greece and abroad. Since 1981 he has been actively involved in various forecasting and meteorology programs (Rain / Snow Raising and Quartz Supply).


3D SA offers a distinct range of services that makes it unique in Europe and one of the world's four most recognized companies specializing in weather modification applications. The purpose of the company is to promote innovation, technological development and entrepreneurship in order to provide customers with the best products and services in the most efficient way.


Its philosophy is evolution, always according to the aviation industry, without losing focus on its goals. Complying fully with the social and environmental aspects of sustainability as part of what it does from improving its own performance to influence positive change for the wider public. Today, 3D offers a unique range of aerospace applications, agricultural applications and related services as well as training services.


Accumulating a respectable wealth of experience, it has top-notch and specially modified equipment. It applies the most modern and scientifically proven methodologies in its operations and maintains an invaluable team of certified and highly specialized professional staff.