The amateur pilot has the opportunity to initiate the basic principles required for the safe flight of a drone. In 2 hours, basic principles are taught regarding:

  • Drone Legislation

  • Technical knowledge of drones

  • Basic principles of Meteorology, Air Traffic Regulations, Human Factors, Communications, Aviation

  • HCAA Flight Information System - Flight Plan Submission


The amateur operator is trained with certified company drone and in a privately owned safe area that includes:

Basic principles for Drone flight

For \ Post Flight Checks

Application Mode, photography, video recording

During the practical training, the following are shown:

• Technical knowledge of the unmanned aircraft and its support system

• Flight Preparation / Proper Flight / Flight Selection

• Recognizing and managing risks and errors

• Handling in normal situations within the operating limits of the unmanned aircraft and the restrictions imposed by law

• Smooth and accurate execution of all maneuvers

• Demonstration of good judgment in aviation environment

• Applying the knowledge it has acquired

• Keeping control throughout the flight and in all situations

• Handling in abnormal situations including emergency situations.


* 2 hours of theory

* 1 hour practice

* Amateur training does not lead to certification by the CAA.

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