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General Aviation Applications


Meteorological Radars

The technical department of 3D SA, having more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance of meteorological radars, monitors the smooth running of radars  24 hours a day during the National Hail Suppression Program.

Weather Forecasting Models

3D SA produces five-day weather forecasts for any region in Greece (with high spatial and temporal resolution) and in Europe, and has the ability to tailor the forecast to the needs of the customer. Observational data from various sources, such as meteorological stations and weather radars, allow the continuous improvement of our techniques and the diversification of our above-mentioned services.

Agro Alert

3D has an Integrated Information Alert System for the  occurrence of unfavorable weather phenomena and phyto-parasites and the taking of appropriate measures to deal with them, as well as to cover the irrigation needs of the crops in a scientific way.

Weather Modification

3D SA is one of the most innovative companies in the world in terms of protection against adverse weather conditions. 3D is a member of the Weather Modification Association and has been undertaking and implementing Modification Programs since 1981



3D SA owns and operates a privately owned network of meteorological stations, which are located in Northern Greece. The company's goal is to expand the existing network to cover more areas throughout Greece.


3D SA is accredited by the HCAA to operate a Drone Training Center.

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